Islam Awareness Week!

Join us for a week of amazing events, delicious food and great people!

Events Schedule:


Wednesday, March 26

Saybrook Underbrook
Come see Rohina Malik perform her nationally-renowned one-woman play! Her performance will be addressing issues of racism, hate crimes, love, Islam, culture, language, and life through five Muslim women in a post-9/11 world who serve tea and uncover what lies beneath the veil. See more here:

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Master’s Tea- Salaam, Love
Thursday, March 27
Pierson College
The editors of Love, inshaAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women have recently released a new book, Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, and Intimacy and are coming to speak about their books. This would be an opportunity to gain perspective into the reality of love in Islam through a discussion and Q&A. See more here:


Chaplain’s Chat with Professor Hussain Rashid
Thursday, March 27
Chaplain’s Office- Bingham Basement
Chaplain Omer Bajwa will talk with academician and interfaith proponent professor Hussain Rashid. Come here his story and ask any questions you may have! Read more about the guest here:
Friday, March 28


Meet and Greet
Friday, March 28
Stiles Common Room
The MSA will be holding an opportunity for students to come enjoy delicious Turkish food while chatting with fellow Yalies who are Muslim. Come meet some great people, talk about some interesting topics, ask the questions you’ve always been holding in, and maybe even witness a group prayer!
Monday, March 31


Home and Abroad: Activism around conflicts in Muslim nations
Monday, March 31
Location TBD
There have been a number of conflicts in Muslim nations that have not been properly addressed in our communities. Have you been following what happened is happening to Muslims in the Central African Republic? Burma? Kashmir? Syria? Sudan? Why do we prioritize certain issues over others? What is our duty as students and community members to other members of our ummah? Come for an informative session on what is actually happening in a number of these places followed by a discussion of some of these questions with representatives from non-profit organizations working in policy and on the ground.

Unmosqued film and discussion
Tuesday, April 1
Silliman Theater
“UnMosqued is a documentary film which aims to highlight the growing need for reform in many of the mosques found in America. Its purpose is to engage a group of people who have been disconnected from their local mosque and explore the various reasons that have led to this sentiment.” Come watch the film that is currently touring the country! See here for more details:

Muslim-Jewish Interfaith Dialogue
Wednesday, April 2
Come see our very own Omer Bajwa discuss parallels between the Muslim and Jewish communities with Yossi Helevi, Jewish author and journalist. The topic will be “Jews and Muslims Today: What do we need from each other?”